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Passengers' Comments & Letters

March 5, 1998
Marcy Pedas Sigler
Eclipse Central
Aboard the Stella Solaris

Dear Marcy,

I have so enjoyed my second eclipse cruise. The first was when I was 13 aboard the Canberra in 1973. As a budding teenager, the solar eclipse in Africa was a marvel to behold and 25 years, that wonder has not diminished.

In 1973, our ship was a temporary home to numerous astronomers and on the morning of the eclipse, a forest of telescopes had sprouted on the deck of the ship. This year, the telescopes were few in number because, Ed Krupp explained, there are now more ships and the astronomers are more spread out.

I brought my 121/2 year old daughter with me this time-and seeing this eclipse through her eyes reminded me of the Canberra when I was her age. The first impressions of being on a ship at sea--that endless horizon--the green flash--the formal dining--going to lectures that bored me and made me laugh--all those I remembered upon seeing her witness it for the 1st time.

It is my hope that she will be inspired to bring her own child one day to experience nature's wonder--a total solar eclipse--as my parents brought me. Not only a natural phenomenon of remarkable beauty--it is an immensely powerful and spiritual experience as well. To see the eclipse with Alicia and my son Michael (71/2) and husband Dana was another homecoming. May I be fortunate enough to experience another.
--Greta Birkby (née Motts)

  Mother Nature is fantastic!
--Louis C., Baton Rouge, LA

  Great Show!
--Patricia L., Goleta, CA

  It was awesome!
--Judy S., Salinas, CA

  Still magic--evokes primitive emotions.
--Herman Z., St. Charles, IL

  I've been a church organist for 31 years so I've been to a lot of church services, but my most truly religious experiences have been total eclipses of the sun.
--Susan R., Mayville, MI

  We appreciate the very thorough preparation and the wealth of knowledge aboard. Most of all, the cheerful willingness to share it all.
--Ann & Anthony M., Haverford, PA

  We don't want to miss another!
--Neil B., Chatsworth, CA

  Eclipse viewing makes for great friendships among those who have shared an emotional and exciting event.
--Joseph C., Peoria, IL

  Thank you for arranging so many enrichment activities.
--Tim & Robyn R., Chantilly, VA

  Super people, crew, leaders and fellow passengers.
--Bill C., Burnaby, BC, Canada

  Amazing, awesome, one of the most wonderful & memorable times of my life--will be on future cruises to see even more!!
--Regina D., San José, CA

  Wonderful! I'll be back for the next one!
--Jeff D., San José, CA

  Enclosed is my photo of Rik watching the eclipse aboard the Stella Solaris.
--Thomas A. Weiss, Montpelier, VT

Photo of Rik Sanjour
by Thomas A. Weiss

  The cruise was great! So much to see and learn, hope to sail with you again.
--The Youngstown Group, Youngstown, OH

[Zwirn's telescope on deck]
[viewers on deck]
[Marge & Arnold at a telescope on deck]
[viewers with eclipse shades]
[adler group on deck]
[Patrick Moore on deck]
[eclipse through binoculars]
[Griffith group as pirates]
[Flag Raising]
[Passenger Rik Sanjour, Photo by Thomas Weiss]


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