Photographs by Passengers

[photo by Bob Sherwin]
Photo by Bob Sherwin

Dear Marcy,

The experience on this viewing was the greatest we've had, equaled only by climbing the Great Wall of China.... We will have difficulty waiting until the August 1999 eclipse, but will be using the time to read and practice on solar and lunar photography. On this Feb. trip, I hoped to get one decent picture. I got about a dozen, including two sizes of the diamond ring.... I'm a truly thrilled amateur.

Now we can rest from the busy, wonderful eclipse cruise.

--Bob & Jeanne Sherwin

Dear Ted,

I promised to send a picture of the 1998 Eclipse of the Sun, if any that I took were good.

The enclosed picture of the "diamond ring" was about on for timing, just a little under-exposed.... Enjoyed the cruise very much. The speakers were just great. Very knowledgeable and entertaining as well.
--Frank J. Davis

[photo by Frank J. Davis]
Photo by Frank J. Davis
[Photo by Barbara Pierson]
Photo by Barbara Pierson

Dear Ted,

Enclosed is a photo I took aboard your eclipse cruise on the Stella Solaris. It is of the 2nd Diamond Ring at 3rd contact. Thanks for a great cruise, and for your generosity.
--Barbara Pierson

Photo taken February 26, 1998 aboard the Stella Solaris
Voyage to Darkness

  [photo by Robert C. Kech]
Photo by Robert C. Kech
Chicago, Illinois
From the Adler Planetarium


Dear Ted,
Here is my photo of the second diamond ring.
--Susan Myrick

[Photo by Susan Myrick]
Photo by Susan Myrick


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