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Faculty members are also listed on the individual class pages as follows:

[Faculty 1911-1912]

First Row: Lena Shollenberger, Sarah Davis Rutter, Lena Pearson, Catherine Lewis, Albertina Kaiser Artz, Myrtle Jones, Georgia Holiday, Hannah Thomas Lucas, Ethel Morehouse Swainey, Blanche Cooper Williamson, Laura Jenkins.

Second Row:Mary Burnside, Margaret Lester, Fern Snyder, Sadie Splitstone Horton, Clara Canfield Hamilton, Hollis Slater, Bertha Marshall Warren, Allie Dunham, Elizabeth Barry, Helen Reed, Tillie Pasher, Vida Pearl Watson.

Third Row: T. D. Davis, Elizabeth Heinze Broderick, Anna V. Davis, Mae Hobbes Kester, Agnes Kelleher, Bessie Holiday, Wilma Edebern, Mae Lewis Richards.

Fourth Row: Earl Bachop, John Lehr, Superintendent of Schools L. R Eckles, Samuel Cover, Principal Howard E. Kelly.

[25 year service honorees]

25 Years of Service — 1958

Seated Left to Right: Mrs. Mary Liversmore, Miss Mary Scardina,
Miss Annarose Moraca, Miss Olga Gojdics.

Standing Mrs. Mildred Claffey, Mrs. Anita Horvath, Mr. Anthony Kilbert,
Mrs. Pearl Fowler Bartholomew, Miss Margaret Martini, Mr. John Hetra and President of Board Mr. Walter Bresky, Mr. Tudor Lewis (absent)

Insert: Miss Katherine Polyzou, President of local P.S.E.A. and Mr. John Hetra, Superintendent of Schools.

[Retired Teachers]
Retired Teachers - 1967

Left to right — Mr. Joseph Duich, Farrell Teachers Organization president; Mr. Anthony Namey, 1966 Farrell School Baord President; and Mr. John Hetra, Superintendent of Schools.
Retired teachers, left to right
Mrs. Iva Hogue — 35 years
Mrs. Virginia McGhee — 28 years
Mrs. Mary Vermeire — 28 years
Mrs. Luella Drake — 15 years
Mrs. Willie Smith — 18 years
Mrs. Margaret Reese — 39 years
Mrs. Margaret Roux — 35 years

[Reflector 1973]
Retired Teachers - 1973

Veteran teachers and an administrator who are retiring are praised by Farrell Area School District Superintendent Louis J. Morocco, right, and Albert Szakach, Jr., President of the Farrell Area Teachers' Association. The retirees are.

Left to Right: Seated — Mrs. Victoria Barbu, Mrs. Mildred Grande, Mrs. Mary Morocco, Mrs. Myrtle Skuse;

Standing: Mr. Joseph Tommins, Miss Ellen Fritchman, Mrs. Anita Horvath, Mrs. Audrene Batten, and Mr. Angelo Grande.

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