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Our Basketball Season - 1925
by John Sarcinella
(The following was excerpted from the 1925 Reflector.)

[1925 Farrell Basketball Team]

“Football, not having the success to assure general interest in the sport, reached that stage where it had to be given up. Coach Ganoposki disbanded the team immediately after Farrell was beaten by Sharpsville.

The Coach cannot be blamed for this move, as he was right in disbanding the players. The players had lost faith in him.

Mr. Ganaposki was not discouraged in the least, but his actions were determined to put out a fast going basketball team, which would rank as one of the best that ever wore Gold and Blue uniforms.”

On January 23, 1925 Farrell lost its most important Basketball game to Sharon 30-18. The class President composed the following words of comfort.
Beat Sharon!
by Anton Bauer Jr.,
President, Class of 1925

When the grotesque, haunting spectre
Of Fate turns up against you;
When the stain of some defeat
Mars all credit due you;
When you take the longest route;
When you're all in, down and out;
Let your spirit grasp again,
The echo at that glad refrain,
Beat Sharon!

When you're blindly groping, fighting,
In the dust of battle's dim;
When supporters have all left you,
Because you failed to win;
When you can't at any cost;
When you're off form, almost lost;
Take that motto for your guide.
The words that we all hailed with pride,
Beat Sharon!

Though they beat us, we've got spirit
That will help to pull us through;
We're just waiting for the moment,
To give them our review;
We have got the better team,
And our defeats only seem
To incite the growing spirit,
It is now hailed can't you hear it?
Beat Sharon!

Just a moment, and a victory
Over Sharon, nice and neat;
Just a moment and our rivals
Will acknowledge true defeat;
And the laurels on the wing
Of fleet footed Victory bring,
The spirit that will never die;
Our greatest hopes in honor lie.
Beat Sharon!

Farrell High School
[Class of 1925 Class Day]

Class of 1925

The photo above appeared in the 1937 Reflector. It listed the status
of each graduate as of 1937 as shown below.

Walter Ackerman
Doctor M.D.; Chicago

Florence Arkwright
Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

Anton Bauer, Jr.
City Engineer; Farrell, Pa.

Anna BeHarry (Flynn)
Harrisburg, Pa.

Harry Berkowitz
High School Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

Emma Bobby
High School Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

Lucien Brunet
Contractor; Farrell, Pa.

Jeannette Burns
Teacher; Wheatland, Pa.

Mary Carine
Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

Anne Cherinsky (Bock)
Akron, Ohio

John Chiccarino
Salesman; Farrell, Pa.

Twila Cochran (McKay)
Titusville, Pa.

John Colecchi
Musician; Cleveland, Ohio

Louise Cousintine
Stenographer; Farrell, Pa.

Augusta Craig
Stenographer; Wheatland, Pa.

Natlela Craig
Stenographer; Wheatland, Pa.

Nurse; Cleveland, Ohio

Mildred DonDero
High School Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

John Edwards
Youngstown, Ohio

Mary Freeble
High School Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

William Gagliardo
Farrell, Pa.

Rose Greenbaum (Marks)
Baltimore, Maryland

Gladys Griffith (Matthews)
Farrell, Pa.

Charles Guffey
Clerk; Farrell, Pa.

Anna Hetra
Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

Alice Hitchings (Higgins)
Farrell, Pa.

Jeanne Jamison (Dills)
Sharon, Pa.

Margaret Johns
Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

John Johnston
Teacher; Corning, New York

Beulah Klein (Lobl)
Phoenixville, Pa.

Mollie Kozar
Nurse; Farrell, Pa.

Mildred Lienberger (Meredith)
Sharon, Pa.

Victoria Luca
High School Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

Elizabeth Mahle
Teacher; Sheakleyville, Pa.

Hilda Markovitz (Lebovitz)
Elwood City, Pa.

Joseph Martin, Jr.
Musician; Farrell, Pa.

Anthony Mastroianni (Mastrian)
Secretary; Cresson, Pa.

Mildred Miller (Hoffman)
Sharon, Pa.

Katherine Moore (Songer)
Farrell, Pa.

Anna Rose Moraca
High School Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

Joseph Moses
Chiropodist; Sharon, Pa.

Andrew Muntean
Farrell, Pa.

Carrol Nolan
Commercial Teacher; Hornell, New York.

Ida Nugent
Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

William Pintar
Mill Worker; Farrell, Pa.

Luella M. Pollard
Teacher; Mayfield, Pa.

Margaret Pritchard (Cole)
Farrell, Pa.

Margaret Reese
Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

John Sarcinella

John Schmidt
Electrician; Farrell, Pa.

Myrtle Skuse
Teacher; Farrell, Pa.

George Smith
Wheatland, Pa.

Benjamin Stahl
Theater Manager; Farrell, Pa.

Howard Uber
Clerk; Farrell, Pa.

Margaret Weller (Hassell)
Sharon, Pa.

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