FASD — 1923 Alumni Archives

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[Superintendent Robb] [Farrell High School]

Farrell High School

Class of 1923

[Seniors-1] [Seniors-1] Hazel A. Adams — Treasurer

Louis Applebaum

Alice Armour

Ruth Baird

Nick Bogdan

Gwendolyn Brown

Lucy Brunet

Charles Campman

Steve Chernisky

Virginia Davies

Florence Davis

Martha Davis

Walter Davis

Mary Day

Celina DeBrakeleer

Thelma Dresch

Mary Ebeling

Florence Edwards

Robert Evans

Richard Fleet — Vice President

Pearl Fowler

Hazel Frye

Samuel Garfunkle

Rose Grande

Arthur Greenbaum

Elmer Griffiths — President

Karl Hoffman

Roy Johnston

Elizabeth Kenny — Secretary

Joseph Kudra

Helene Laning

Gladys Lewis

Gwendolyn Leyshon

Ralph Livingston

Mildred Markovitz

Helen McCluskey

Caroline McDowell

Edwin McDowell

Madeline Miller

Max Neiman

John Paczak

Frank Rio

Louis Sarcinella

Lenke Schlesinger

Edith Shilling

Sara Snowden

Pauline Sobel

Stephan Spisak

Ethel Spory

Grace Struck

Elizabeth Tortoretti

Lillian Weller

Agnes Wheeler

Mary Williams

Carl Young

Aurelia Zeicu

Mary Zimmerman

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