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So here it is, one more person's vain attempt at immortality by way of boldly setting out onto the internet. I have told friends, to a slight applause, and I am working on this during the few breaks I have. My family knows this page too, so I will try to keep it G-rated.

I will spare you any cute photos of myself in unexplainable situations, but you can look at my FAQ if you want to know more about my typical stylings. Yes, I am in college, but I will spare you another in-depth analysis of Dawson's Creek or what Buffy means to me here.

I enjoy writing and I have quite a portfolio worked out, but I shall spare you every inane rambling. However, I do want to share my favorites, like the horror stories from high school and college that are almost fiction.

And of course, there are limitless little odds and ends that may interest you.

On a final note, I did put up a page for the Slippery Rock University Drumline. Granted, it is from last year, but I do have a life outside of entertaining you, you know. If you would like to share a favorite drumline story, or want help me find out more about how different people view percussionists, just drop me a line:

Heck, just write me about anything that you can think of, I need to see if this link actually works!

Thank you for visiting and please stop by again, for I will unquestionably be revising this page.

Sharon Herald
April 13, 2001

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