Pedas endorsed as educator by Astronaut Carpenter and Science Writer Isaac Asimov

The Hellenic Chronicle, Boston, Mass
December 14, 1978

BOSTON MASS - Ted Pedas has been nominated as one of the six finalists for Pennsylvania's “Educator of the Year” award.

In a statement endorsing Pedas, astronaut Scott Carpenter, the second American to orbit the earth, states, “I would like to add my small voice to the many others which recommend Ted Pedas for the ‘Educator of the Year’ award. I have known and been professionally associated with Ted for many years …he is richly deserving of and eminently entitled to the award.”

[Hellenic Times reprint'] Pedas was selected on the basis of his service to education and the community; admiration and respect of students, co-workers and members of the community, as well as demonstrated uniqueness in teaching and service to students.

Pedas' honors include a proclamation in April from the city of Farrell for his outstanding accomplishments; the 1976 Farrell Kiwanis Club ‘Citizen of the Year’ award for leadership and the U.S. State Department award for ten years service in international education.

Pedas serves the Farrell, Pa., school district as planetarium director and teacher of astronomy and space science. He is affiliated with Youngstown State University and the Ohio Public School System. His televised science education programs serve the communities of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Farrell's Superintendent of Schools, Louis J. Morocco, notes that “Mr. Pedas' strong personal interest, dedication and generosity serves as a stirring example of what one individual can do. Since the opening of our school planetarium whose installation he directed, Mr. Pedas has contributed 20 percent of his annual salary, some $20,000 to date, for the expansion of the planetarium. Almost single handedly he has turned our planetarium into one of the finest in Pennsylvania, if not the nation. ”

Pedas' accomplishments in science education have earned him deserved recognition and an international reputation. As Director of Educational Programs for the ‘Voyage to Darkness’ eclipse cruises, Pedas has successfully implemented over 200 shipboard educational programs. The lecture staff for these expeditions, which have sailed into eclipse totality off the coasts of Africa, Nova Scotia, South America and the Galapagos, include astronauts Neil Armstrong and Walter Schirra, science writer Arthur C. Clarke and Walter Sullivan of The New York Times.

Prolific science writer, Isaac Asimov, in recalling his participation aboard the African Eclipse Cruise writes that owing to Pedas' organizational ability and endless hard work everything went as smoothly as a well-oiled machine.” The eclipse-bound passengers “were being educated and loving it. Ted Pedas is a teacher in the best sense of the word.”

Born to Greek immigrant parents Pedas was the first college graduate in his family. Subsequently, with his encouragement and support, his two brothers and sister graduated from college and entered the teaching profession. George Pedas serves as curriculum specialist for the Farrell School System; Tom Pedas, a New Jersey music educator, has this year received his M.A. in Music from New York's Columbia University and Marcy Pedas Sigler, a former teacher with the Massachusetts and New Jersey school systems is currently studying at Columbia University's Graduate School of Business.

The Pedas' are children of Mrs. Angeline Havas Pedas and the late Steve (Tsempedas) Pedas of Farrell, Pa. The Pedas' zest for learning has inspired the 62-year old mother of Pennsylvania's ‘Educator of the Year’ finalist to begin her educational pursuits. Currently enrolled in Farrell's adult education program, Mrs. Pedas is studying ‘English as a Second Language.’

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Science writer Isaac Asimov's Letter of Endorsement

[Isaac Asimov Letter re Ted Pedas]

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Astronaut Scott Carpenter's Letter of Endorsement

[Scott Carpenter Letter']

(text of Scott Carpenter's letter)
To whom it may concern:

I would like to add my small voice to the many others which recommend Ted Pedas for the Educator of the Year Award.

I have known and been professionally associated with Ted for many years and feel safe in saying he is richly deserving of and eminently entitled to the Award.

Sincerely, - -Scott Carpenter

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Pa. Educators to honor Ted Pedas

The Herald, Sharon, Pa.
November 14, 1978

[The Herald reprint'] Farrell Area High School's space commander, Ted Pedas, will receive special recognition from the state Department of Education for his outstanding teaching and planetarium programs.

By flip of a coin, a music teacher from a Pittsburgh area school, not Pedas, has been selected the state's “'Teacher of the Year.”

However, Farrell Superintendent Louis J Morocco said the planetarium director will be presented a special plaque from the state board in Harrisburg

Morocco informed the school board Monday night the voting in Harrisburg by the award committee went to an 11-11 tie three times before the secretary of education - as is the rule - flipped the coin.

The superintendent added, “We can be very, very proud” of Pedas and his work, and directors echoed the praise.

Pedas was selected as one of six finalists.


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Isaac Asimov's "Flip of the Coin" Letter

[Isaac Asimov Letter']

(text of Isaac Asimov letter)
Dear Ted,

Better to lose by the flip of a coin and feel contempt for such a way of reaching a decision, than to win by the flip of a coin and suspect that the winning is thereby made meaningless.

Thanks for your nice letter and congratulations for what you should have won.
- -Isaac

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[Masthead - Herald]

Saturday, April 16, 1977

A look at the future

[Morocco, Asimov and Pedas Brothers]

Famed author and scientific prophet Dr. Isaac Asimov, center, warned recently that unless mankind solves the problem of overpopulation it risks extinction. The author of numerous science fiction novels and countless scientific treatises is shown here with Farrell Area Schools Superintendent Louis J. Morocco, and Tim Kuzniar, left, and to his right George Pedas and Ted Pedas, planetarium co-ordinator for Farrell Schools and Youngstown State, as they enjoyed a reunion. Asimov met Morocco and the Pedas brothers in 1973 during an expedition to Africa to view the longest total eclipse of the sun until the year 2150.

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