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"Farrell Alumni Hall of Fame Honorees" — 2005 to the present

[FHS Insignia]

[FHS Insignia]

[Message from Ted Pedas]

[FHS Insignia] Each new generation of Farrell students builds on a legacy that is inherited from thousands of Farrell alumni.

The 'Hall of Fame' Award was established to honor the graduates who helped to build our proud legacy.

Thousands of outstanding students have passed through the halls of Farrell schools throughout its 101-year history.

To celebrate this heritage and share it with others, I have funded the creation of the 'Farrell High School Alumni Hall of Fame' and established the ‘Farrell High School Alumni Web site’ which lists all graduates from 1904 to the present.

Ted Pedas, FHS '56

Mission Statement

The mission of the 'Farrell High School Alumni Hall of Fame' Award is to honor and give formal public recognition to graduates of Farrell schools who have made significant and enduring contributions. The aim is to nurture existing interest and generate renewed interest in the achievements of school alumni, promote and maintain the school's positive image in the community, enhance school spirit and encourage current students with these successes.

Goals and Objectives

  • The 'Farrell High School Alumni Hall of Fame' was established to recognize distinguished alumni who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in areas such as, but not limited to, citizenship, leadership, sportsmanship, the arts and sciences, the world of business, and professional fields.

  • This special recognition would give current Farrell High School students an opportunity to understand the value of their education and the possibilities to which it may lead. The induction of outstanding 'Hall of Fame' graduates is a way for the school and the community to honor exceptional alumni who, through example, inspire a new generation of students.


  • Any Farrell alumni of Farrell High School (or of South Sharon High School for years 1904-1912), as well as teachers and administrators, are eligible for nomination. Alumni may be selected at any time beginning 25 years after the graduation date of their class.

  • Teachers and administators may be included in the Hall by having demonstrated excellence in the classroom and programs throughout grades K-12, by having been employed in the district for a minimum of 10 years, and by having been retired for a minimum of three years.

  • Nomination forms are available at the school district's central offices, Farrell City Building and Wheatland Borough Building.

  • A confirmation letter will be sent to the nominee or their nominator for deceased alumnus upon the receipt of the completed nomination form.


Farrell 'Alumni Hall of Fame' Wall of Honor

Farrell's ‘Alumni Hall of Fame’ Wall of Honor is temporarily located at Farrell Senior High School outside the corridor walls of the Ted Pedas Planetarium, the Library and the Material Production Center. This place of honor for the school's most outstanding students is a testimony to the significant contributions that these dedicated graduates have made to our school, community, state, nation and world. Their stories are told through portraits, photographs, letters and plaques.


Selection Process

  • Selection of twenty honorees is to be made annually. A graduate will be selected to represent each of the ten decades beginning with the 1900's honoring living and/or deceased graduates. An additional ten alumni will be chosen at large.

  • Persons to be inducted are selected by a committee comprised of alumni, community leaders, the Superintendent of Schools and members of the FASD Board of Education.

  • Nomination forms, with guidelines, are available from the office of the Superintendent of Schools, 1600 Roemer Blvd., Farrell, PA 16121.

  • The deadline for submission of nominations is June 30.

  • The Farrell Alumni 'Hall of Fame' honorees will be announced annually in July



Donations are welcome to help support the Farrell Alumni Hall of Fame and its related activities, culminating with the annual induction ceremony that showcases the success of Farrell High School graduates, its retired administrators and teachers. The induction ceremony is scheduled annually for the third Saturday in October.

If you are interested in donating, please make your check payable to the Farrell Area School District and send it to Debbie Bordell, Farrell Area School District, 1600 Roemer Boulevard, Farrell, Pa. 16121


Nomination submissions will be accepted every year by June 30th. Late nominations will not be considered. Submissions should be mailed to:

Farrell Area School District
‘Farrell Alumni Hall of Fame’
Office of the Superintendent
1600 Roemer Blvd.
Farrell, Pennsylvania 16121

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