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The Herald (Sharon, Pa) —January 11, 2006

Local astronomer and philanthropist Ted Pedas
is Sharon Rotary Club's first Fabian Person of the Year.

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Sharon Rotary Gala honoring Ted Pedas

Attending Sharon Rotary Club's Annual Gala in the Corinthian banquet center in Sharon were, from left, John Fabian Jr., his mother Virginia Fabian, George Pedas and Shane Nugent, Sharon Rotary club president. Pedas accepted the club's inaugural John Fabian Person of the Year award on behalf of his brother, Ted, of Farrell. The award was named after the late John Fabian who was an active and longtime member of the club. The event raised more than $10,000 for local charities.


Ted Pedas is Fabian Person of the Year.

Ted Pedas of Farrell has been named The John Fabian Person of the Year by the Sharon Rotary Club. The award will be presented at the club's 13th Annual Charity Gala Jan. 26 at The Corinthian banquet center in downtown Sharon. A social hour starts at 6 p.m., followed by dinner at 7. All proceeds go to local charities.

[Herald Article] The award, which is to be given annually, is named for John G. Fabian, who passed away Aug. 26, 2004. A Sharon resident, Fabian became a Rotarian in the mid-1950s and was a longtime member of Sharon Rotary.

He was well known among Rotarians in northwestern Pennsylvania and nearby Ohio and exemplified Rotary's motto: Service Above Self.

Fabian was involved in numerous club projects and maintained a perfect attendance record, despite a heart attack and surgery. Such an achievement was possible through makeup meetings, often two and three times a week to other Rotary clubs in the region.

He traveled to 40 Rotary International conventions in cities throughout the world until his early 90s. He served as the Sharon club's president from 1976-77.

Fabian owned and operated Advertising Specialties for 64 years. He and his wife, Elizabeth, have two sons.

Pedas is well known locally for his philanthropic activities. In 36 years he has contributed more than $454,000 to Farrell Area School District to enhance district programs, activities and facilities for students and the community.

The 67-year-old is a 1956 Farrell High graduate. He is an internationally known astronomer and planetarium administrator emeritus at Youngstown State University. He has traveled the globe and has organized many historical and astronomical cruises.

Renowned in astronomy circles, he was a founding member of the International Planetarium Society and has been a science writer for magazines and newspapers for more than 30 years. In 1983 he was selected by NASA to write and co-produce a planetarium show documenting America's first quarter century in space in honor of NASA's 25th anniversary.

Pedas is director emeritus of the Farrell Area School District planetarium, which he founded. He continues to donate his pension to the district and volunteers his time to teach young people about astronomy.

His many honors include the U.S. Department of State's Agency for International Development Award for exemplary service in education and the Pennsylvania Educator of the Year Award.

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George Pedas accepted the award on behalf of his brother Ted Pedas.
Below are excerpts from George Pedas' acceptance speech

[George award] Good evening.

Thank you for the opportunity to represent my brother Ted Pedas at such a distinguished event. Ted regrets that he was unable to rearrange his travel schedule to be with us this evening.

Ted is deeply honored to be the recipient of the distinguished first annual John Fabian Person of the Year Award from the Sharon Rotary Club.

Ted's absence provides me a unique opportunity as I am usually located in the back of the room, behind a camera, photographing Ted's honors and philanthropic endeavors. I can tell you from experience the fellow behind the camera is never the one being recognized.

Through the efforts of the Rotary's distinguished members, individuals such as John Fabian, for whom this award has been named, the Rotary's vision of a better world continues to impact the lives of many.

Ted has dedicated his life to education.

Ted launched the concept of shipboard educational travel more than 3 decades ago and is acknowledged as a pioneer in the specialty field of ocean-going science travel programs.

Ted was a founding member of the International Planetarium Society and has been a science writer for magazines and newspapers for more than 30 years.

Ted founded the Farrell Area School District's planetarium and has been associated with the planetarium at Youngstown State University.

My siblings and I are the children of immigrants. Each of us owes a debt of gratitude to our school, to our community, and to those dedicated individuals who paved the road for us to succeed.

Through his philanthropic activities, Ted continues to fund educational programs. He remains dedicated to his school and community, having donated more than $454,000 to Farrell Area School District's programs.

If you were to 'Google' the Sharon Rotary Club, you would be humbled by the many names mentioned of accomplished members who, since the club's inception in 1918, have forged a path of dedicated service to others. This example has inspired folks like Ted Pedas to adopt for themselves the Rotary's honorable tradition of "service above self".

It is in this spirit that I have the honor of presenting to the Sharon Rotary Club a donation from Ted in the amount $1,000 in appreciation of the Rotary's dedicated service to the community and its sponsorship of educational and cultural programs.

On behalf of Ted, I thank you for the honor. Ted has agreed to make a presentation at one of your future meetings and he looks forward to meeting with you...at which time I will be banished to the back of the room behind the camera.

Here to present Ted's donation to the Rotary Club, a check in the amount $1,000.00, is Debbie Bordell.

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