[Marge Nicol's eclipse] [Marge Nicol's eclipse]

Eclipse photos taken aboard the Fairwind's Voyage to Darkness by Dr. Marjorie C. Nicol and Isabella Mackerracher. These veteran eclipse chasers and their cat, Penny Nicol, were the first passengers to book on an eclipse cruise - Eclipse '72 aboard the Olympia.

[Marge,Isabella,Penny] [Marge,Isabella,Penny] [Photographing the eclipse] [Marge,Isabella,Phil]

Marge Nicol and Isabella Mackerracher with Penny aboard the Olympia (1972) and Canberra (1973) Voyages to Darkness eclipse cruises and on the deck of the Fairwind photographing the eclipse. Their eclipse photos are shown above.

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Published articles relating to Eclipse '77 —Voyage to Darkness

Distinguished Lecturers & Staff — T.S.S. Fairwind
Dr. Joseph M. Chamberlain, — Program Director, Fairwind and Fairsea; Director,The Adler Planetarium
Ms. Phyllis Pitluga, Program Coordinator, Fairwind— Astronomer, The Adler Planetarium
Dr. Edward M. Brooks Meteorologist; Professor of Geophysics at Boston College
Dr. Mark R. Chartrand Astronomer, American Museum-Hayden Planetarium
Dr. John A. Eddy Solar Physicist, High Altitude Observatory in Colorado
Dr. Karl Henize Astronaut, NASA scientist and Professor at Northwestern University's Department of Astronomy
Dr. Fred Hess Astronomer, Maritime College
George KeeneAstrophotographer, Eastman Kodak Company
Robert T. Little Astrophotographer
Dr. Harrison (Jack) SchmittAstronaut, U.S. Manned Space Flight Center
Dr. Margaret MeadAnthropologist and Author
Dr. John A. SimpsonUniversity of Chicago
Walter SullivanScience Writer, The New York Times
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Distinguished Lecturers & Staff — T.S.S. Fairsea
Dr. Bart Bok, Astronomer, University of Arizona
Dr. Eric D. Carlson Program Director, Fairsea; Senior Astronomer, The Adler Planetarium
Dr. George O. Abell University of California, Los Angeles
Leo J. Henzl, Jr. Astrophotographer
Dr. J. Allen Hynek Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
Lloyd and Georgia Norlin
Dr. Howel Williams University of California (Retired)
Dr. James A. Van Allen University of Iowa
Mr. Ralph Dakin Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, NY
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