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A Unique Invitation from Ted Pedas and Phil Sigler

Dear Eclipse Enthusiast,

A floating scientific hotel will be launched to observe and record one of nature's most spectacular sights — the July 10, 1972 total eclipse of the sun.

Departing from New York City a luxurious ocean going vessel, the TSS Olympia, will cruise into the narrow path of totality which will be located off the coast of Nova Scotia.

On Monday afternoon, July 10, the voyagers aboard the floating observatory will experience a memorable sight that once seen will surely never be forgotten.

The eclipse cruise promises to be a scientifically rewarding adventure as well as a highly enjoyable social event. Eclipse '72 will provide anyone who so desires with an opportunity to sail into the path of totality.


  • A spectacular view of the eclipse from the North Atlantic
  • Seminars and lectures by leading scientists
  • Short courses in eclipse photography, navigation, star study, and meteorology
  • Individual and group devices for viewing the eclipse
  • Continuous satellite weather forecasting along the path of totality
  • Maneuverability of vessel to maximize ideal viewing conditions
  • Films, slides and multi-media presentations
  • Ample deck space for passengers and scientific instruments
    The narrow path of Eclipse '72 totality cannot be seen from the continental United States. The next readily accessible total solar eclipse will not be visible from North America until the year 2024.

    [Path of 72 eclipse]

    The moment you step aboard the TSS Olympia you enter a world of elegance. Luxury living and service combined with a Greek festive spirit make for 7 exciting days of fun and frolic.


    [Olympia cartoon]

    • Relax, sun and swim at your choice of 3 luxurious swimming pools
    • Enjoy Continental American gourmet cuisine featuring Greek specialties
    • International entertainment, floor shows and dancing in gala night club atmosphere
    • On shore activities include shopping, sightseeing and free " do as you wish" time at Gaspe and Sydney

    Join us as we sail into totality and beyond.
    Ted Pedas and Phil S. Sigler

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