Farrell Area School District
Centennial Notes
1901 - 2001

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Farrell High School
Alma Mater

(Original Version)

[FHS Alma Mater]

Through the Valley of Shenango
floats the Smoke of molten Steel.

Here our hearts shall linger ever
with a love that's true and real.

Strive on and on, oh, Alma Mater
Fly the blue and gold on high

We shall pledge our faith triumphant
To our school to Farrell High

Farrell High School
Alma Mater

(Revised Version)

[FHS Alma Mater]

Hail to the Blue and Gold,
Hail ever hail;

Thy sons with voices bold
Thee ever hail

Our hearts will always be
Loyal and true.

Hail ever hail to thee,
Our Gold and Blue.

[Farrell High School Insignia]

Farrell High School Insignia
The Class of '26 adopted the FHS School Insignia.
The following excerpt is from the 1926 Reflector


[Farrell High School Insignia]Heretofore, the different classes graduating from the high school had never thought of the idea of having a school insignia instead of finding a new design each year for the annual cover and the class ring. This idea was launched before the senior ring committee early in the year, and was favorably commented upon by these members! Finally, it was decided to work out an insignia for the school; members of the alumni and each class in the high school were called to voice their feelings towards this plan. It seemed that every one was in favor of it. After having had several meetings during which time one insignia was finally accepted, the class of '26 decided to have this insignia on the class rings. Later it was carried over into the annual work and was found to be very nice. It was also proposed to have this insignia on the diplomas; it is very probable that this will be so. There are few high schools throughout the country having school insignias. All those having seen the insignia, commented favorably upon it. This insignia saves the class a great deal of trouble which comes in the selection of class rings and a cover for the annual. We, the Class of '26, sincerely hope that this insignia will remain as a permanent part of our high school.

Senior Class of '26

A Diploma issued in 1958 with the Insignia adopted in 1926

[FHS Diploma]

[FHS Insignia]
Modern adaptation of Farrell High School Insignia

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