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South Sharon Public School System

Professor J. M. Hostetter
Superintendent — 1908 - 1909

The rapid growth of South Sharon's steel making community emphasized the need for additional schools; consequently the Board of Education of 1907 took action and built a new South Sharon High School on the corner of Fruit Avenue and Haywood Street. This large modern buff brick structure consisting of twelve classrooms, auditorium, gymnasium, and offices was officially dedicated on December 8, 1908. The high school faculty had been increased to six teachers to include Miss Helen Reed, Miss Vida Pearl Watson, and Miss Margaret K. Lester. W. D. Shellenberger was principal and J. M. Hostetter was superintendent of schools.

The school board responsible for this forward stride in the improvement of the borough's educational system consisted of Dr. W. G. Berryhill, president; A.R. Maxwell, secretary; W. J. Griffith, treasurer; John H. Dickason, D. J. Levy, George L. Davis and J. Frank Fowler.

[Football Team 1908]

Superintendent Hostetter is shown above with the first football team
which he and Professor Shellenberger organized.

First Row: William Lewis, James Reid — Mascot, Steve Evans

Second Row: Joseph McCreary, Manager, Richarad Reid, Chester Colgan, Superintendent J. M. Hostetter, John Price, Captain Charles Pfeifer, Walter Lloyd

Third Row: Dale Shellenberger, George Fleet, Frank McConnon, Earl McCreary, Byron Sieg, Frank McDermott, Benjamin James, James Ague, Arthur Colgan

Superintendent J. M. Hostetter

The following article, entitled “Our Schools” was published in the 1927 Reflector.
It was written by Mr. H. S. Bovard, the President of the Board of Education,

May we turn back in thought to the Fall of 1901 when the first school building was erected at Wallis and French Streets, and was called the North-Side School (Lincoln School). This building, along with a two-room frame building on Spearman Avenue, near Haywood Street, housed the our first schools.

These schools were followed by the erection of the Central School, now named the Washington Building, which is located on Wallis Avenue, near Haywood Street. In 1907, the contract was let for the erection of a high school building.

[Junior High School] Under the direction of Professor J. M. Hostetter, Superintendent of Schools, and Professor W. E. Shellenberger, Principal of the High School, the High School began its work in September, 1908, in the Washington building, while the new high schoolbuilding was being erected. The High School consisted of three grades, namely: Freshman, Junior, and Senior. Through the efforts of the superintendent, the principal, and the faculty, a Sophomore grade was added that winter, and the High School was moved to the present building in 1908.

Owing to the fact that our three year high school course was changed to a four year course, no class was graduated in 1908. Up to the present time, the number of graduates has increased from three in 1904, to ninety-six in 1926, which fact shows clearly how the population has increased. The task for the Board of Education to provide the necessary buildings and equipment to take care of the large increase in the number of students has grown proportionally, indicting that parents and students generally appreciate the value of a good education. We have made splendid progress and look forward to still better and greater achievements in the future.

Mr. Burbank, with his skill, was able to improve plants to the extent of astonishing the world. Just so, can our teachers, with the wonderful material they possess, develop and build up character in those who are to be our future citizens.

H. S. Bovard, President of the Board of Education, 1927

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