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[Reflector 2004] [Class of 2004]
The 2004 Reflector — 101st Commencement Edition, Volume LXXXVIII


Farrell High School— Class of 2004


Camelia Barrington
Jennika Blue
Deon Brodie
Lisa Burich
Amanda Burrell
Felicia Castleberry
Lisa Celenzi
Jazmaine Chambers
Justin Chester
Thomas Cimoric
Keith Claiborne
Clarence Clay

Kelly Davis — President
Nakwanza Davis
Stephanie Davis
Amber Dias
Jeremy Dunlap
Jamie Felix

Tamantha Freeman — Secretary
Christopher George
Justin Guerino
McKel Harris
Whitney Hartley
Courtney Houston
Jodell Howell
John Izzo
Jayson Jackson
Nakkia Locke
Tiaonna Lowe

Andrew Mastrian — Vice President
Steven McMillen
Aisha Mercurio
Michael Meszaros
Khaylen Moss
Kelln Newby
Justin Parker
Dustin Pinkins
Quinton Pinkins
Tay Robinson
Maria Ross

Monique Samuels — Historian
William Samuels
LaRene Sanders
Susan Saunders
Shahara Savage

Holly Scarmack — Treasurer
Ashley Scott
Shawna Stefanak
Jamal West
Patricia D. West
Willie West
Luscious White
Leila Wilkins
Janeen Yerskey

Not pictured:
Amber Chambers
Bryan-Michael Dungee
Alicia Gryn
Amy Jordan
Michael Loveridge
LaCarra Peterson
Israel Said
Quelonda Whitehead

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