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The 1994 Reflector — Volume LXXVIII

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Farrell High School
Class of 1994

Monica A. Austin

Melvin T. Baker— President

Nicole R. Black
Santosha R. Boatwright
Jeanette L. Bowser
Ada M. Butler
Leonard S. Byrd

Christian J. Campbell
David M. Cannone
Mitzi L. Carter
Donald E. Chambers
Sharnell J. Chambers
Isaac M. Chapman

John A. Chiodo
Tanya J. Chupka
Jaime S. Coates
Christopher P. Curry

Louis J. DePreta
Charon J. Dias
Christopher G. Dorogy
Staci L. Duncan
Jay D. Dunkerly

James E. Evans

Tonya N. Foore
Ronald L. Fuller

Jeremy C. Gaggini
Andre W. Ganzy
Christopher M. Glancy
Saneka M. Gray
Aubrey C. Greene II
Willie J. Green, Jr.
Daniella F. Hancock

Charles K. Harrison — Treasurer

Michael S. Harrison
William N. Harrison
Antionne A. Holmes
Jill Holt
Jamesa M. Hosey

Dorothy K. Ivanovich — Secretary

Jason L. Jackson
Jana M. Johnson
Marlene M. Jones — Vice President
Nijya M. Justice

Bryan M. Keller
Michele D. Kirk
Jason D Konnen

Allison A. Mack
Seth A. Mansfield
Rocco D. Mitchell
Nina D. Montague
Earicka Moore

Gerald P. Morocco
Matthew C. Morocco
Travis B. Morris

Brian S. Multari

Cari A. Myers

Jeremiah G. Newell

Ernesto P. O'Kane

Scott E. Palmer

Mearlon G. Peterson

Thomas E. Pollock

Daniel J. Rabold

Samuel A. Rado

Keisha D. Robinson

Fontineese D. Roye

Michael W. Schuster

Jason D. Simpson

Christopher L. Summers

Maxine G. Terry

Danielle M. Thompson

Timothy C. Thompson

Jared J. Timko

Peter J. Wasko, Jr.

Michelle C. Wheeler

LaShara D. Wilder


In Memoriam
Marvin Ivey, Jr.
June 15, 1976 - December 24, 1987


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