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The 1993 Reflector — Volume LXXVII


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Farrell High School
Class of 1993

Antoine M. Baker
William G. Bauder
Bobby B. Bender
Kimberly R. Bernabe
Christopher G. Bryant
Tony R. Butler

Anthony Cain
Tino D. Carthorn
Christopher R. Coates
Dawn R. Collins
Jill E. Confer
Tania C. Cousin

James L. D'Angelo
Alan N. Davis
Rosalyn C. Dobie
Christopher F. Dolby
Gretchen E. Dondorf
April L. Dorogy

Michelle M. Ellis
Joseph L. Evans
Janel P. Flint, Jr.

Ryan M. Frantz — President

Monica C. Fritchman
Jonathan D. Ganzy

Thomas E. George
Shante' Y. Gibbs
Jason C. Gordon
Malaika F. Graham
Coffi Y. Green
Kayanna Harrison

Ramonica L. Henderson
Gerald E. Hinkle
Jeffrey P. Holt
Banita C. Howell
Tobye S. Hughes
Corey A. Hunter
Yauna M. Hyatt

Demetures A. James — Vice President

Laria D. Jenkins
Demetria C. Johnson
Randy R. Jones

Gregory M. Kelecseny
Ilinda M. Kitt
Allyson D. Kocsis
Dawn M. Kotch

Erin M. Lee
Howard N. Letcher

Quentin S. McLean
Michelle L. McMillan
Bryan M. Miller
Tia L. Murphy
Timothy D. Myers

Malcom J. Norman
Romondo D. Oatis

Arthur N. Paige
Lamont D. Peterson
Shane M. Petrillo
Donald L. Phillips
Brad S. Piciacchio

Sylvain L. Reed
Tolando M. Riley
Talea S. Robinson
Stephen Royster

Lawrence J. Safranic

Carlie M. Schmidt

DeAndrea V. Scott

Rico J. Shannonhouse

Kirk C. Sieg

Marques L. Sims

Brian S. Stubbs

Imanuel C. Thompson

Samuel J. Toskin — Secretary

Marcus J. Townsend

Eugene E. Weiser

Kawana L. Weston

Melynda L. Wheaton

Eric A. Williams

Gloriana Williams

Gary L. Wilson II

LaTonya A. York


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