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The 1992 Reflector — Volume LXXVI


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Farrell High School
Class of 1992

Shannon M. Adair

Marcus D. Anderson

Keith E. Austin, Jr.

Eric W. Bell

Tamara L. Betters

Corey L. Brodie

Naomi L. Brown

Lisa A. Butala

Maurice L. Campbell

Kalanyo M. Currie

Reginald A. Davis

David B. Dunlap

Martanique M. Flint — President

Eddie L. Gamble
Mary M. Gardlock
Teresa L. Gardlock
Monica M. Gardner
Cecily L. Garner

Nicole L. Holden — Secretary

Samuel L. Hosey
Richard A. Hughes
Michael G. Ion
Brian J. Janosko
Jennifer M. Johnson
Nekisha D. Johnson
Neva J. Johnson
Lamont E. Jones
Orlando X. Jones
Gregory L. Kahl
Brad W. Knauff
Joy S. Kriebel
Brandon C. Lewis
Mary E. Loudin
William A. Mackin
Carla M. Manigault
Donald G. Marcella
Emmanuel B. Marshall
Jeanne A. Merush
Natasha D. Mines

Mayonta E. Morrison — Vice President

Toni L. Myers
Sheila M. Norris
Marlon J. Pegues
Moses L. Phillips
Michael A. Rogers
Joseph E. Roqueplot
Stephanie L. Royster
Joseph A. Scarmack
Dionne L.A. Sherrill
Krista M. Simonik
Dale T. Sims
Dwayne L. Sims
Scott M. Slaugenhaupt

Julana S. Smith

Terri E. Smith

Daniel D. Stebbins

Lorenzo C. Styles

Jonathan L. Summers

Kenneth J. Swesey

Jonathan F. Tatusko

Robert Q. Townsend

Kelly F. Veign

Rosita O. White

Yvonne R. Whitehead

Demetria J. Williams

Tina Marie Williams

Tamisha N. Wise


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