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The 1989 Reflector — Volume LXXIII


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Farrell High School
Class of 1989

Robert E. Atwood

Kimberly Bacon

David E. Bailey

David W. Baldwin

Margaret G. Belcik

Ron C. Brown

Robert A. Butler

Tiffany R. Butler

Ernest Byrd

Gwyn E. Campbell

Slavko Caric

Dawn P. Cathey

Meredith J. Chester

Michelle L. Clarke

Keisha A. Cousin

Celeste J. Davis — Secretary

Charles D. Davis

Monica Y. Dobie
GeriLynn Esposito
Paul A. Faella

William M. Fraley
Linda M. Frantz
Paula S. Fratilla
Allen C. Frieson

Marlene R. Gaggini
Gabriel Gargiulo
Michael Gargiulo
Robin V. Gash
Kimberly M. Goudy
Gregory P. Grande

Albert R. Hajduk
Randi D. Hall
Jasyntah D. Hampton
Mark A. Hopson
Michael A. Humphrey

Nichelle N. Ingram
Laura J. Ion

Marie A. Joe
Paula R. Johnson
Darian S. Jones

JoAnne M. Kelecseny
Nicole M. Keller

Michelle D. Lampkins
Pamela R. Lampkins
Tyrone J. Lampkins
Carolene Lee
Thomas E. Lewis

Selena Martin
Kevin M. Mastrian
Jamie L. Maxwell
Yvonne D. McKeithan
Ta Mara D. McSwain — Vice President
Tony M. Meeks
Donald E. Miller
Felicia M. Moorer
Vickie L. Mosley

David L. Newby
Shelly R. Newlan

Tammy L. Orlosky
Anthony J. Phillips
Kelly S. Purash

Jacqueline L. Reed
Elicia Y. Robinson
Elvin D. Robinson

Marika M. Russell — President

Pamela L. Sanders
Jerome R. Scarbrough
Pamela J. Scarmack
Frank D. Scarvel
Anthony D. Scott
Donna J. Seginak
Lezlie N. Somerset
Sean F. Stanek
Charlette D. Stoutmire

Angel L. Thomas
Rolaunda C. Townsend

Tonja D. Weary

Mary L. White

Brian C. Whitman

Shawn D. Whitman

Joani L. Williams

LaSonia M. Williams

Robyn J. Williams

Alyssa A. Wilson

Pamela P. Yankevich

Tina M. Yankevich

Rhonda L. Zaborowski


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