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The 1988 Reflector — Volume LXXII


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Farrell High School
Class of 1988

Laurena A. Adams

Sonya R. Allen

Cleven B. Atwood

Pamela M. Bacon

Tisa P. Baker

Russell L. Bennett

Bobbie L. Bloodsaw

Melinda K. Bowe

Cherise M. Brockman
Marlena N. Brown
Tanavia J. Bruce
Lori M. Bryant
Timothy A. Buchanan

Pamela Cain
Christopher P. Caputo
Charles M. Carthorn
Leotis L. Chambers
Christopher J. Chieffo
Elsie V. Coleman
Gravelle D. Craig
Julie V. Crawford
Paula Crawford
Yalanda A. Currie

Vincent E. Davis
Kathleen E. Dowling
Mark A. Ellebie
Celeste E. Floyd

Reginald D. Foxworth — President

Mattie L. Freeman
Sandra Gilliam
Denise M. Gillison
John A. Giroski
Jacob L. Green

Lori A. Hadden
Lamont D. Hailstock
Michelle L. Hajduk
Althea M. Harden

Carlos D. Harden — Secretary

Clarissa D. Harden
Becky L. Harkless
Channing G. Harris
Brian L. Hilton
Tiffany D. Holden

Brendan G. Houlihan
Tiffany A. Houston
McCray R. Hyman
Marise D. Ingram
Joseph J. Ivan

Nicole M. Jaggers
Aubrey L. Jennings
Enrico J. Johnson
Jacqueline M. Johnson
Barbara J. Jones
Jerrold T. Jordan

Diane R. Kagle
Constance L. Kelecseny
Lester L. Lampkins
Amy M. Linonis

Richard T. Mackin
Rhonda R. Mallory
Michael McKenzie
Hattie R. McLean
Christal Y. McMillan
Krista L. Mesaros

Lance M. Messett
Monica L. Miller
Kimberly A. Moore
Randall J. Morocco
Laurie A. Mosley

Marc R. Mosora
Vincent J. Napolitan
Charles T. Norris

Kevin D. Norris
Derrick A. Odem
Sharvonne D. Owens

Ronanda Q. Palmer
Adrian D. Pope
Linda L. Rabold
Wendy A. Ratay

Thomas J. Richards

Terica C. Riley

George A. Roberts

Raquel Y. Roberts

Natasha R. Robinson — Vice President

Ralph E. Roupe

Robert E. Samuels

Jennifer L. Sims

Stacey R. Slaugenhaupt

Andre L. Smith

Lester Somerset

Eric R. Sposito

Gerald T. Teague

Mae L. Thomas

Tammy R. Thomas

Leah L. Toskin

Patricia A. Tremmel

Amy L. Wharry

Felicia L. Wilder

Althea R. Wiley

Kimberly L. Wiley

Carletis E. Williams

Kennya L. Winston


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