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The 1987 Reflector — Volume LXXI

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Farrell High School
Class of 1987

Damon K. Avery

Troy T. Bacon

Anna Marie Bagnall

Jennifer L. Baldwin

Marla M. Bridges

Lynette F. Brown

Rosalind Brown

Terry A. Bruce

Ron C. Burns

Regina R. Campbell
Regina R. Caputo
Cecilia T. Chapman
David J. Chec
Brian A. Clarke

Gregory P. Conti
Alice F. Cook
Lisa M. Cottle
Althea M. Crump

Kelly P. Dougherty
Sean Egercic

Cynthia A. Elliott
Clemacie J. Evans
Deidra M. Evans

Deanna J. Fazekas
Anthony D. Frieson

Bernadette E. Gardlock
Frank Gargiulo
Latonya Gash
Sherry A. George
Susan M. Grande
Angela L. Green
Leonard Gregory

Jody L. Griffith

Aeric B. Harris
Lyndelle D. Harrison
Mary Anne Heckathorn

Alicia M. Hilton — Secretary

Cory D. Hilton
Julius D. Hopson
Tonya L. Hopson

Patricia M. Ion
Mary Lou Jackson
Timothy J. Jackson
LaVina D. Jacoway

Thomas J. Joseph — President

Dieter L. Kienast
Monica L. Klamer

Carl R. Lampkins
Michele D. Lee

Monica R. Marcella
James J. Mason
Lena Y. Mayes
Tina E. Mays

Pamela McKethan
Leroy Montague III
Melissa A. Moody
Michele A. Moody
Carol L. Morris
Cynthia Murcko

Jacqueline R. Newman
Frank T. Opalenik

Arthur Pate III
Tracey L. Petrillo
Diane L. Pfeiffer
Leann Piciacchio
Yolanda F. Pope
Kimberly D. Powell

Tina M. Rainey
Ramona J. Ramsey
Margo L. Ray
Benjamin F. Roberts
Edward M. Rogers

Monica A. Royster — Vice President

Norman F. Samuels
Paul E. Samuels, Jr.
Eric D. Savage
Mark J. Scarmack
Nicholas J. Scarmack, Jr.

Maureen E. Scarvel
Gretchen A. Shephard
Arelette D. Somerset
Ross E. Stanek

Kimberly J. Stinedurf

Todd Thomas

James K. Weiser
Lenora G. White
Sherry Lynn White
Marc A. Williams
Yolanda L. Williams


In Memoriam
Juidand B. Pharris
"Chuck a Luck"
December 3, 1965 - July 30, 1980


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