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The 1984 Reflector — Volume LXVIII


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Farrell High School
Class of 1984

Darrin Barber

Teresa Barber

William Bishop

James R. Booth — Vice President

Winfred Bournes

April Brown

Christopher James Colella

Aaron Van Crawford

Kelly Crawford

John Dragicevic

Frank Evans

Joe Evans

Kemp Fazekas

Arnold Frieson

Leroy Ganzy II — President

Sandra Gardlock

Ray Gibson
Eric Gilchrist
Presley Gillespie
Wesley H. Gillespie
Gloria Grande
Darlene Gregory
Traci Lee Hailstock
William Hawkins
Darlene Henry
LaTrenda S. Hilly
Lamont Hodges
Melinda Jackson
Sheila Jackson
Alfonso Jennings

Sherry Jennings — Secretary

Donna C. Johnson

Linda Kagle

Jeffrey D. Lampkins
Ryan Lampkins
Michael Lee
Clifferette Locke
Carol McLean
Cynthia Metz
LaShanda M. Moore
Frederick J. Mosley
Thomas Mosora
Ruth Ousley
Lonnie Pearson
Linda F. Phillips
Louis Dominic Piciacchio
Thomas Platteborze
Karen Purash
Matthew D. Raver
Daniel Ricci
April Lynne Richardson
Melvin L. Riley
Kenneth Rogers
Anthony Russell
Thomas Safranic
Phyllis Sanders
Mary Rose Sava
Lanaii Savage
Jeanne Sharples
Khristine Sherrill
Kimberly Sherrill
JoAnn Slattery
Andrew Smith
Charles Short
Pamela J. Stinedurf
Bill Sundy
Stephanie Vengren
Catherine E. Vuich
Ronald Weary
Mona White
Jelane Whiteside
Daryl Wayne Winston

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