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The 1951 Reflector — 47th Commencement Edition, Volume XXXV

Our Creed

We believe in our Community

We believe in its Past - in the men and the women who have lived before us, whose toil made the land productive, whose foresight founded our schools, whose devotion built our homes and our churches.

We believe in its Present - in the men, the women, and the children about us. We believe that by working together, we can accomplish much for the good of our city.

We believe in its Future - in the men, the women, and the children who will come after us. We believe that out of our hopes and labors now will grow a greater Farrell, democratic, prosperous and strong, an honor to our citizens, to our State, and to our Nation.

[Faculty - 25 years service]

Farrell High School

Golden Jubilee —Class of 1951

Julia M. Abate
Norce Adair
John E. Antonino
John Apa, Jr.

Rudolph Samuel Bacich
Rose Marie Bakmaz
Violet Balach
Mary Magdaline Ballish

Robert Michael Ballock
Helen Marie Bartko
Martin F. Bauer
Carmel Jean Bencivengo

Kenneth Bender
Vivian Mae Bentley
Stephen N. Benya — President
Joel Sherwin Berger

Ruth Ann Berger
Marlene Nelroy Betchie
Vilma Marie Ann Betchie
Harrison Blackwell

Violet Elaine Blazek
Betty Jane Bobby
Frederick E. Bobby
Angeline L. Bonacci

Clara Bosco
Charles H. Brady, Jr.
Kathleen J. Broderick
Joseph A. Brown

Norman Bruno — Vice President
Russell E. Buchanan
Steve Butchko, Jr.
James Parker Campman

Eugene R. Caputo
Samuel Jerome Carine, Jr.
Raymond F. Carroll
Robert P. Carson

Marilyn Gloria Chaussard
Raymond J. Chess
Paul H. Chestnut
Ronald S. Chestnut

John A. Chiodo, Jr.
Jacob P. Chrnko
Anna Cica
Joseph F. Clovesko

Joseph James Costa
Pericles T. Costes
Raymond Cousintine
Lenora Covington

Hazel Mae Currie
Thomas D'Amico, Jr.
Edwin Lloyd Davis
Rosalyn Ann DeMarco

Eleanor A. Dmochowski
Joyce M. Drake
Amaryillis T. Edwards
Robert L. Elia

Andrew C. Erish, Jr.
Paul M. Fetsko
Charles Ronald Fleet
Phillip J. Fleri

Frank Paul Frankovich
Thomas J. Fulford
Loretta Jean Gancsos
Michael William Gargano

George Giroski, Jr.
John G. Goda
Harry Thomas Grande
John J. Grande

Edward Grear
Phyllis Jeanne Grimaldi
Eugene R. Guerino
Marlene J. Gunther

George Harakal
Gertrude A. Harakal
William Hood, Jr.
William J. Hornak

Fred Husnick
Grace Audrey James
William Joseph James
Manuel A. Joanou

Lewis A. Jones
Louise Jones
Jean Joan Kachic
Dolores Ann Bernadette Kajma
Otto F. Kalman

Margaret Ann Karpinko
John Keryyan
Ursula Rose Kibash
Phyllis Kirshenbaum
Mary N. Kladitis

Anthony Francis Knott
Magdeline Mildred Komar
Elizabeth Ann Kopnicky
Marie Cathryn Kopnicky

Thomas J. Kovach
Dolores J. Kowalczyk
Nancy Ann Kubyako
Frances Marie LaCamera

Marion Nelson Lampkins
Mary Ellen Lampkins
John Stephen Lehotay
Frances Marie Leonard

Carol Liener
Raymond L. Logan
Anna Louise McCoy
Constance Marie Marenchin

Genevieve B. Mastrian
Janet H. Matthews
Andrew G. Meleky
Dorothy Milikich

Daniel G. Miller
Caroline Marie Mineo
Lewis J. Mirage
David W. B. Mittman

Armatine Moore
Pearl Deloris Mosley
Noel D. Moss
Irene M. Mudrinich

Kathleen Lee Myers
Sarah Cinderella Napolitan
Virginia F. Nastoff
John Charles Novak

Zolton Novak
Patricia Joan Pagonis
Anthony T. Palanti
Barbara Ann Palm

Leland Irwin Palm
Harry Thomas Palmer
Edward Marko Perich
Barbara A. Perriello

Mary Pilone
Steve Charles Prezgay
Michael Henry Prezioso
Margaret Regis

Robert Joseph Resler
Genovia Richardson
Patricia Jean Rick
Robert Eugene Robinson

Otto G. Rogan
Minnie Roth
Jules Roux
Robert J. Sabo

Malloy L. Sanders
T. Lavetta Satterwhite
Lucille J. Satterwhite
Robert J. Schambura

Marlene Elizabeth Schiller
Laurence A. Smith
Michael Ronald Smith
Walter A. Smith

Leonard P. Sonoga
Richard L. Sposito
Fritz A. Sprute
Betty Margaret Staul

Henry Stawaisz
Rose Ann Steele
Geraldine A. Stefanick
Kathlene Dolores Steiner

Robert Michael Steiner
Anthony Thomas Stroma
Wanda Lee Summers
Carmen Suso

George Sveda
Joan Marie Sweeney
Antoinette Testa
Kenneth L. Thompson

Roosevelt Tolone
Sarah Turnage
Walter J. Ulica
Julianne Uroseva

Frank Joseph Vellente
James F. Vernille
Edward Volansky
Betty Vranjes— Secretary

Thomas L. Warwick
Martha Marie Weiser
Martha Scott Wiley
Patricia Ann Wolfe

Edward Yakell
John S. Yurcich

Farrell Jubilee
Mr. John Hetra, Superintendent of Schools

The Farrell School District is proud to acknowledge and to participate in the Farrell Jubilee Celebration, commemorating fifty years of growth and progress in the city of Farrell.

We are happy to know that the educational system of the city has been recognized and included in this auspicious celebration. Our gratitude is extended to those who had the foresight and the inspiration to see and meet the educational needs of the youth of our community. Our expression includes the contributions made by the present and previous Boards of Education, by the teachers, the parents and the friends of the school, during this long span of years. We are mindful of and appreciate the assistance of the city administrators, both the present and the past.

A Jubilee celebration inevitably brings about this type of retrospection, appraising the personal efforts and the material contributions and growth of a school system as it affects the growth of a city.

At this fiftieth year point, we are all happy — the citizentry, business and industry — for this healthy and proud milestone. However, equally as important as it is to look back, it is a necessity to project our interests, planning and work toward a progressive and continuous school program for the future.

In our celebration, it is a necessary opportunity to take stock and inventory, make needed appraisals of the work done and mistakes made. The cornerstone for the education of the school system of the city of Farrell was laid fifty years ago; individual cornerstones were laid for important buildings and projects from time to time for the physical, material and curricular needs of the schools.

Let us at this time regard our fiftieth year as a significnt cornerstone for the next fifty years, dedicating our concerted efforts from all the material and personal sources of the community toward having a better and a more progressive school system continuously, so that at the Centennial Celebration, those who have the opportunity and the privilege to look back during that momentous occasion will extend to those who preceded them a well earned expression “well done, faithful servants”, and that these accomplishments will be a spur and motivation for endless work in education and civic progress. To those of the present and to those who preceded us, we wish to say in the same spirit “an important job well done”. We wish to express our sincere best wishes for a successful and happy Farrell Jubilee.

John Hetra

[ Sharon Steel Corporation]

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