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The 1950 Reflector — 46th Commencement Edition, Volume XXXIV

Farrell High School

Class of 1950


Alvin S. Ackerman
Mary Ann Aiello
Jane V. Allen
Bernadette J. Amico


Donald Roy Anderberg
Eugene Bacich
Donatius Barber
Marlene M. Barreca


Bernard L. Berks
John M. Berlin
Thomas W. Bettua
Mildred Bibich


Rose Marie Bohach
Theresa M. Bosco
Steve Branzovich
Mary Jean Broscoe


Edward Joseph Bruno
Marjorie Burt
William J. Buzzeo
William R. Camp


A. Charleen Campman
Katherine Caravolias
Agnes Madeline Carine
Donna Charlene Carroll


Marilyn Castiglione
Henry R. Chaya
Elaine M. Cheza
Frank M. Chiodo


Dorothy A. Chrnko
Mary Ann Ciccarone
Nancy A. Cmar
Mildred Elizabeth Crim


R. Arden D'Amico— Vice President
James N. Davis
Dean De Bastiani
Ann R. De Feo


Joseph A. DeLise
Dolores DeMartinis
Betty Jane Denis
Frank S. Deronja


Joseph DeVito
Ralph DeVito
Josephine Diacoganes
Patricia L. Diegan


Helen Noreen Dimery
Concetta Jean Direnzo
William R. Dravesky


Francis Richard Dudash
Carol A. Duritsa
Peter Paul Dzurinda
Robert E. Edwards


James D. Ellis
Ronald E. Esposito
Dorothy Ann Fabian
Patsy Fauceglia


Beatrice Ford
Shirley Mae Ford
Charles Mark Franek
Michelene Gagliardi


Robert John Gelesky
Lizabeth B. Gentile
Anthony E. Gerbasi
Victor A. Giovanelli


John Giroski
Bernadine A. Goda
Steve N. Golub
High Richard Grear

Morren Greenburg
Marie A. Griglak
Benedict Francis Gross
Albert Hamilla

Mary Isabelle Hansley
John Harkulich
Norene Mae Heath
Norma Rae Heath

Charles Hedrick
Florence Joyce Hemsley
Mary Alice Herrick
Raymond C. Horner

Honorald Houston
Madeline Vivian James
Shirley Jean Johnson
Robert J. Juback

Dolores A. Juranovich — Secretary
Frank Kachaylo
Steve Kaliney
Andrew Kartalis

Chrysanthie Kiriakou
Bessie Kladitis
Neina J. Kladitis
Smaro N. Kladitis

Dorothy H. Kovach
B. Frances Kowalski
Merle Krickich — President
Joseph N. Krizancic

Mildred H. Kubyako
Teresa E. Lansheak
Robert James Laslow
Robert M. Lichvar

Richard Lisovitch
Victoria Lucas
John Ludu
Dorothy M. Malenky

Anthony James Mancino
Rachel Ann Marasco
Georgia Ann Marincich
Irene Annette Marnejon

Bettie McEndree
Helen McLaren
Suzanne McLaren
Jerry J. Missory

Richard E. Moore
Virginia Mae Morrison
Albert M. Mudrinich
Patricia L. Nakich

B. Elaine Nelson
James Burton Newman
Eleanor M. Nicastro
Evelyn Elsie Ondich

Ronald George Ondich
Frank T. Opalenik
Mary M. Orosz
Dolores M. Palanti

Agnes M. Palik
Dorothy Ann Palko
William N. Panzo
Agnes Marie Parcetich

William John Paszul
Paul Frank Pendel
Richard E. Perrine
James L. Phillips

Jeremiah Alton Phillips
Thomas D. Phillips
Audrey Arlene Podolsky
John Robert Pollack

Eleanor Frances Pranic
Robert Price
John Joseph Reardon
Merrie Reda

Rena Marie Ricci
Arthur R. Rocco
Violet M. Rudolph
Dominic A. Russo

John D. Sabo
Floretta Salandria
Theressa E. Saribalas
Jeannette Lorraine Satterwhite

Nicholas J. Scarmack
Lucille A. Scharville
Thomas M. Schiller
Marlene Schultz


Shirley J. Scott
Virginia B. Settle
Mary Anne Sholtis
Alberta Louise Shupienis


Shirley Ann Smiley
Paul Fred Smith
Irvine Solomon
Robert T. Somich


T. Harry Sposito
Bert C. Squatrito
Thomas R. Stanton
Mary Louise Steibly


Rosemarie Steiner
Margaret Esther Sweeney
Veronica M. Tallarico
George Tatusko


Robert T. Taylor
Frances A. Telega
Beverly Jean Tennant
Osborne L. Thomas


Judith K. Tirotta
Catherine Irene Totea
Irene M. Toth
Sarah Turnage


Jean D. Unger
Rosemarie Veltri
Joseph M. Wasko
Marguerite Wharry


Charlotte C. Williams
Herbert Williams
Edward R. Winiecki
Donald J. Wojtanoski


Dolores M. Xirakis
Bernadette C. Yonek
Philomena A. Zuccaro


Class History of 1950
Written by senior class secretary Eleanor Nicastro

Having completed eight chapters in our school career, we, the Class of 1950, entered the Senior High School as Freshmen. It was at this time that Mr. Kearns resigned his position as Superintendent of the Farrell Public Schools to accept a seat in the 80th Congress. Our former principal, Mr. Hetra, was then elected superintendent, and Mr. Pintar was elected principal. After several weeks of school, our class, under the direction of our advisor, Mr. Gene Vance, elected our class officers, president, Donald Wojtanoski; vice-president, Arden D'Amico; secretary, Eleanor Nicastro. Our main social events for this year were two dances, an Autumn Frolic and a Spring Frolic. With the ninth chapter of our school career drawing to a close, we looked forward to chapter ten and our Sophomore year.

Chapter Ten —Our Sophomore Year. Under the direction of Miss Anne Gojdics, our class advisor, we elected the following as our class officers: Arden D'Amico, president; Anthony Gerbasi, vice-president; Eleanor Nicastro, secretary. Mary Lou Steibly was our class representative in the queen's court for the Homecoming festivities. We held our annual Freshman-Sophomore Spring Frolic, which was an enjoyable event. With half of our Senior High School years completed, we looked forward to our next school term when we would reign as Juniors.

Chapter Eleven —Our Junior Year. We, as upperclassmen, were determined to make it a successful grade. With the aid of Mrs. Julia Wallace Jenkins, our class advisor, we elected Robert Laslow, Arden D'Amico, and Mary Lou Steibly as our class officers. To represent our class in the Homecoming festivities, we selected Mary Ann Ciccarone as the queen's attendant. This year we played hosts to the Seniors at the Junior-Senior Prom. The theme of our prom was “Down Mexico Way”. The gym was elaborately docorated in Spanish attire with a centerpiece of two thousand balloons. As Lee Pritz, senior class president, presented the cap and gown to Robert Laslow, junior class president, at the Farewell Assembly, we were determined to uphold the standards and ideals of our school.

Too soon, Chapter Twelve, the 1949-1950 School Term, came around and we were seniors. Miss Esther A. B. Zentz, our class advisor, directed us. We elected our class officers, Merle Krickich, president; Arden D'mico, vice president: and Dolores Juranovich, secretary. Our first social event for this year was the Homecoming Dance with Mary Ann Ciccarone reigning as queen, and Mary Lou Steibly and Violet Rudolph as senior attendants. Many members of our class were active participants in the band, the chorus, the football team, the basketball team, the school plays, the school clubs, and the organizations. This year, we chose our class colors, navy blue and pink, our class flower, baby orchid, and our class motto, “Onward Ever—Ceasing Never”. Soon came May 12, when we attended the Junior-Senior Prom as guests of the Junior Class. This year the prom was held in an all night session with merchants and organizations of Farrell helping to sponsor it. On May 22, we held the annual Senior Breakfast, followed by the Farewell Assembly and a day of merriment at Idora Park. With smiles on our lips and sorrow in our hearts, we bade farewell to our Alma Mater, classmates and teachers. On May 28 and 29 we attended Baccalaureate Service and Commencement exercises. Now, with the greatest and the most enjoyable years of our school life completed, we look back upon our school years with fond memories that we shall never forget.

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