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The 1934 Reflector
18th Annual Commencement Edition
The Class of 1934

Slowly, magestically,
our ship nears port
after a long, hard, journey.

Having experienced
many wonderful events,
we, the Class of 1934,
have summarized them
in our log-book,the “Reflector,”
hoping that they will give
lasting memories to all those who
were aboard the good ship
“Farrell High School”

[Entrance to FHS]
“Enter to Learn.
Go Forth to Serve.”


[Superintendent William W. Irwin 1926-1940] [FHS Principal W. R Anderson 1928-1945]
Farrell High School — Class of 1934

[1934 Class Officers]

[Class of 1934 Ackerman -Frew]

[Class of 1934 Fulford - Lazar]

[Class of 1934 -Lengyel to  Russ]

[Class of 1934 - Salae to Zukerman]

Samuel Ackerman
Irene Alongi
Joseph Alongi
Josephine Amico
Katherine Asafaylo

John Bandzak
Anna Bartolon
John Bayluk
Nick Bellich
Arthur Bender
Michael Benya
Fannie Berkowitz
John Bialko
Alice Biege
Mae Black
Roland Blair
Mike Borden
Margaret Bordy
Rubin Brockman
Mary Ann Bubrik
George Bukovinsky
William Burok

Charles Cagno
Robert Callahan
Carmelina Cannone
Ida Cappozzoli
Jessie Carine
Mary Carine
Theresa Catrona
Madelon Cervenak
Mary Ceslak
John Chisleski
Gertrude Christman
John Costea
La Verne Covington
Julia Crivello

Michael David
Arthur Davis
Anna Day
David Dear
Eleanor DeMartinis
Anthony Di Feo
Violet Dolan
Loretta Donofrio
Fred Douglass
Laura Drake
Vincent Driveri
Joseph Dudash
Frances Duritsa

John Egelski
Homer Elberty
Steve Elich
Andy Ellis

Mary Fecik
Emily Ferezon
Charles Fleet
Rose Fowler
Valeria Fratila
LaRue Frew
Zora Furlan

George Gadney
Ileana Gaynor
Nathan Gelfand
Eugenia Ghenea
Anne Giroski
Maxine Glover
Angeline Grande
Lucy Grande
Mary Pearl Gully
Fred Gunesch
Joanne Gunther

Richard Hamborsky
Isabella Hatty
George Hetra
Mary Holsinger
Mary Jeannette Horton
Stella Horvath
Paul Hoza
John Hulber
Mozel Hyatt

Joseph Janusko
Albert Jarocki
John Jenkins
Tisher Johnson
Richard Joho

Anne Kachic
Joseph Kadich
Margaret Kagarise
Anna Kmetz
Helen Kohut
Mike Kolesar
Helen Kolezar
Edythe Koncar
Stephan Kovach
Sophie Kozar
Sue Krayniak
Anna Krvar
Carl Kukol

Lontine Lazar
John Lengyel
Delbert Leyshock
Frances Mary Leyshon
Corinne Lloyd
Virginia Lloyd
James Lytle

Gabriel Machuga
Joseph Madura
Louise Magargee
Michael Makar
Wanda Marciniak
Mary Mankas
Catherine Marinovich
Frank Marks
Helen Marsoevich
Christina Martino
John Masckal
Elsie Mason
Isabelle Mason
Mary Ellen Matuscak
Ann Matusick
John May
Frances McCandless
Mary Mergler
Sophia Michniewicz
Kathryn Mihailovich
Mary Miletta
Ethyl Miller
Theressa Mirizio
Louis Moraca
Helen Morrison
Joseph Morsillo
Albert Morocco
Vivian Moskovitz
Thomas Musinsky

Tafla Nader
Cleo Nevant
John Niven
Anita Nixon
Joseph Novocal
Helen Nugent

Lawrence Palanti
Clara Palko
Edward Palko
Martha Palko
William Picciotto
Alex Phillips
Steve Pillar
Anthony Pipicella
Mike Popadak
Sabin Popovich
John Potts
Morris Prizant
Helen Province
Edward Purich

Arthur Rango
Andrew Repas
Ann Rock
Sylvia Russ

Emma M. Salae
Alfred Salatino
Michael Sanitate
Theresa Sarcinella
Hattie Schermer
Sylvia Schermer
Helene Schuster
Martin Schuster
Ruth Scott
J. Frank Sherwood
Estella Siciliano
Helen Simko
Mildred Skiljo
Katherine Skubich
Daisy Somerset
George Spetar
Matthias Spisak
Mary Stanovich
Minnie Szabo

Ann Tarley
Joseph Telega
Eleanor Thomas
Michael Thomas
Albert Trope
Marguerite Turosky
Pauline Turosky

Walter Ulasz
Josephine Vagliea
Margaret Validzich
Basil Vance
William Vatavuk

Joachim Weidhaas
Ann White
Frank Wilcox
Henry Winslow

Joseph Yonchak
Anna Yurcich
Nick Yurcich
Mary Zarella

Fannie Zoldan
Lilyan Zoldan
Zelda Zuckerman

To Our Fellow Classmates

On deck all fellow shipmates,
Take up our humanly flight -
Take up our banners and anchors
That voyage these anchors alight.

Years of experience have taught us
To follow the route rough tho' straight,
To be ever up and watching,
To learn to labor and wait.

We have learned, fellow shipmates,
That our voyage was not in vain.
That our trip has gained us something,
Yes, something far greater than fame.

Our anchor is the symbol of Virtue and Truth
And all that is good in man;
Our route is the symbol of strength and thought,
And the two little words “I can”.

Though our sea may be dark and weary,
Though storms bring terror or right,
Hold our banners high and flying
For land will soon be in sight.

Remember that God is with us,
Fear nothing and no one but Him,
For His is the Hand that guides us,
His light is never dim!
                 Sylvia Schermer '34

Enrollment and Percentage of Attendance
Junior-Senior High School

The attendance Officer, Thomas Lewis, reports that the enrollment for 1933-34 was 1,854 students. The Percentage of Attendance was 97.5 per cent.

This was equal to the attendance for years 1931-32 but less than the attendance record of 1930-31 which was 97.9 per cent

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