FASD — 1930 Alumni Archives

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Farrell High School

Class of 1930

William J. Adler
Mary Bartolon
Hubert L. Blair
Kathryn G. Blair
Albert W. Bobby
Genevieve A. Borowicz
Evelyn R. Boyd
Hazel C. Bracken
Ruth M. Breene
Matthew Butorayac, Jr.
James Cagno
Frank Carine
Clarence E. Carrell
Amelia M. Cervenak
Frederick B. Cervenak
Anthony J. Costanza
Guy J. Crivello
Nunzio J. D'Amico
Emanuel Day
Olive B. Dixon
Anna M. Dolata
Kenneth A. Douthit
Minnie S. Epstein
Nan Fowler
Paul Freeble
William J. Fulford
Mary Gracenin
Harry Greenberger
Philip Griffith
Dolores Gully
Margaret Harenchar
Adele Henning
Elinor Hillman
Margaret Hilkirk
Ernest Hlinsky
Louise Johnston
Charles E. Kernis
Helen F. Klamer
Andrew Komlos
Helen Ethel Korpa
J. R. Lawrence
Ruth J. Lawrence
Julia Lazor
Nataline LeDonne
Robert B. Lloyd
Frank Loria
Hazel Agnes Low
Emmett Lowry
David E. Lucas
Helen G. Madura
Anthony Magnotto
Bert R. Malsom
Mathilda M. Martini
Alberta Miller
Lucy E. Monteson
Julia G. Moroco
Mary S. Morocco
Charles J. Musial
Anisa T. Nader
Moses Nathan
Stephen Novocal
Howard Nugent
Nellie Orlander
Stella Ostrowsky
Mary Paczak
John Pandza
Regina Patron
Samuel Perry
Albert E. Pintar
Frederick N. Polangin
Mary Rachoff
Edward D. Rogers
George W. Rogozan
Janice T. Rosenblum
Elizabeth R. Rudley
Helen I. Rudley
Antonette M. Rupert
Jack Don Sabo
Anne A. Sackacs
Elsie M. Scanlon
Mary Scardina
Rosalea Scardina
Joseph M. Schell
Emanuel Schermer
Harold E. Scowden
Doris E. Sherwood
Michael F. Sinkuc
Vincent Sparano
Helen J. Speizer
Eva Stahl
Herman L. Stahl
John H. Staul
Esther Stevenson
Philomena Strizzi
Marian E. Takash
Grayce P. Tennant
Harry L. Thomas
Ruth E. Thomas
Carl Torma
Samuel A. Toskin
John J. Troy
Mary Turosky
Michael J. Turosky
Anna S. Ulasz
Bertha Wachter
Albret M. Wachter
Catherine Walsh
Sadie Weissberger
Robert L. Wheeler
Michael Yanak
Elizabeth M. Zapotocky

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Class photos to be posted.

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