FASD — 1928 Alumni Archives

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Farrell High School

Class of 1928

Mary L. Adler
Margaret G. Antal
Sidney Applebaum
Inez C. Armour
Margaret A. Armstrong
Thomas Bechtold
Isadore Berkowitz
E. Martha Bernard
Carl Billioni
Josephine E. Blazavitch
Ethel R. Bobby
Kevin C. Burns
Andrew Burprich
William P. Cantelupe
Mary A. Colecchi
Josephine C. Cousintine
Mary Csatlos
William J. Currie
Susan Danessa
Georgia I. Davis
Geraldine Davis
Erma DiSilvio
E. Esther Ebert
Mary M. Evans
Elva Marie Fleet
Clare Flynn
Joseph Frank
Ellen E. Fritchman
George Garfunkel
Stephen Geletko
Benjamin A. Gelfand
Mary D. Gladish
Bronco Gracenin
Angelo Grande
Margaret Griffiths
William Gunesch
Carl J. Havrilla
Genevieve Heagney
Wallace A. Heiges
Suzanne Hetra
Edith Hogue
Ruth J. Horovitz
Roberta King
John LaCamera
Lillian Lienberger
John D. Low
Harvey Lurie
Bertha A. Machuga
George Mackey, Jr.
Samuel H. Magnotto
Nancy A. Mammarella
Powers Marshall
Esther V. Martin
Margaret Martini
Angelo Mastrian
Joseph Mastrian
Albert Maynard
Harry McFarlin
Stephen Miller
Grace Mixer
Victor Mrozek
Margaret Munro
Willie Nathan
Freda Newman
Guy A. Newton
Marjan Ostrowski
Marie Palko
Stella Pannuto
Edward F. Petras
Marie E. Pilch
Nellie E. Rainey
M. Catherine Reese
Harold Reese
Harry Reese
Mildred Roditch
Pauline Rosenblum
Hannah Roth
Leonard F. Roux
Robert M. Sabo
Anita Salanti
Elizabeth Schunn
Margaret Schwartz
Margaret Schwelling
Mildred Scowden
Carl Schenker
Ada Short
Margaret Smith
Sophia Somogyi
Priscilla Songer
Lawrence Stevenson
Harriet Sturdy
Florence M. Sullivan
Samuel Taran
Joseph C. Tommins
Margaret P. Tortoretti
Joseph Ulica
Beatrice Ward
James Watters
Roy R. Wayne
Louise J. White
Helena A. Weisen
Mary E. Weisen
Margaret Williams
Evangeline E. Woodfolk
William Woodside
Vera Yankovich
Rhea Zeigler
James Zimmerman
David Zolton

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