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[High School - 1927]

[Principal Quincy G. Vincent] [Superintendent William Irwin]

Farrell High School

Class of 1927
Lindsey B. Addis
Elizabeth Armstrong
Vincent L. Bistritz
Albert B. Cervenak
Philomena E. DiSilvio
Thomas DiSilvio
Ralph Dresch
Anna J. Dvoryak
Lois M. Ebert
Pearl M. Edwards
Samuel Eisenberg
Edna Mae Fleet
Matilda Forte
John Gojdics
Dorothy Mae Green
Albert H. Hilkirk
John P. Hoffman
Michael Hricik
Roberta C. Hunter
Vera M. Kozar — Secretary
Russell H. Lawrence
John D. Low — Vice President
Catherine Mack
Joseph J. Markovitz
Eva Marosevich
John T. Matta
Ray A. Maxwell
Cecile Meizlik
Dominick Morocco
Mildred Morris
Nicholas Nicoloff
Nellye Nodel
Calvin Nugent
William J. Ordish
Michael F. Papay
Clarissa M. Patton
Alexander E. Pustinger
Peter B. Roman
Mildred L. Schell
Samuel Schonberger
Kathryn L. Schuster
Regis Shields
Helen Spisak
Mildred M. Stitt
Margaret E. Telthorster
Gladys L. Tennent
Andrew T. Thomas — President
Clara May Thomas
Robert H. Thompson
William M. Thompson
Joseph Vance
Frank Whalen
Eva White
Joseph White

Read the letters written to our class by
Principal Quincy G. Vincent
Superintendent William W. Irwin

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Class photos to be posted.

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