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[Wade Polang] [1924 Reflector]

The 1924 Reflector — 8th Commencement Edition


Farrell High School

Class of 1924

Lucille Adaire
Mary I. Baird
Anna H. Balluch
Paul BeHarry
Eva Bernard
Mae Bhe
Charles Burgoon
S. Joseph Chervinko
Clara Christman
Theresa Danessa
Alice Davis
Ophelia Davis
Virginia DiSilvio
Samuel Distefan
Sophia Dobrowsky
Ruth Eisenberg
Gertrude Epstein
Anna Evans
Helen Fleet
Mildred Freedman





Jeannette Freedman
Virginia Grande
Joseph Greenberger
Ellis Haizlip
Mildred Hazlett
Alton Heiges
Verne Heiges
Max Heizler
Archie Henderson
Freda Herskovitz
Thresa Holsinger
Hilda Horovitz — Treasurer
Dorothy Jarrett — Vice President
Catherine Johnson — Secretary
Morris Kirschenbaum
Frank Kreaps
Amy Krisselbrink
Edith Lawrence
Tudor Lewis
Julia Lucas



[Seniors 1924]

Thelma Luckey
James R. Lyons — President
Rebecca Mahle
Yetta Meyers
Florence Moody
Freda Moder
Doris Monks
Louis Moriniere
Mildred Moskovitz
Anna Munroe
Lee Neely
Michael Palko
Thomas W. Poling
Marie Pasher
Maude Purdie
Gertrude Ramey
Wilfred Ramey
Florence Read
Dorothy Sumner
Carl Rio
Belle Rosenblum



Gertrude Sabo
Florence Schell
Margaret Sage
Frances Shields
Harry Shilling
Eva Smiley
Bessie Smith
Agnes Sparano
Andrew Stacey
Edith Remaley
William Thomas
George Wachter
Edward Walker
William White
Cleopatra Williams
James Williams
Christine Wilson
Fred Wilson




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