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Farrell High School

[Class of 1916]

Class of 1916

The photo above appeared in the 1937 Reflector. It listed the status
of each graduate as of 1937 as shown below.

Andrew Broscoe
Salesman; Pittsburgh, Pa.

Elmer Bowen
Cold Roller; Farrell, Pa.

Clarence Davis
Clerk; Toronto, Canada

Margaret Hopkins (Parry)
Clerk; Farrell, Pa.

Marion Kester (Mink)

William Kozar
Salesman; Farrell, Pa.

Frank LaCamera
Farrell, Pa.

Leon Masquelier
Engineer; Sharon, Pa.

Nelson McCluskey
Farmer; Hubbard, Ohio

Georgia Miller (Cole)
Sharon, Pa.

Dorothy Mitchell (Buchanan)
Franklin, Pa.

Mildred Mizner
Stenographer; Chicago, Illinois

Lucille Philips (Carnes)
Los Angeles, Calif.

Phyllis Pyle (McIntyre)
Sharon, Pa.

Maurice Schermer
Dentist; Pittsburgh, Pa.

Albert Songer
Salesman; Sharpsville, Pa.

Nellie Songer (Bechtold)
Farrell, Pa.

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