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South Sharon High School
(South Sharon was renamed Farrell in 1912)

[Class of 1912]

Class of 1912

The photo above appeared in the 1937 Reflector. It listed the status
of each graduate as of 1937 as shown below.

Henrietta Allen (Knapp)
Married; Masury, Ohio.

Vesta Bryan (Carton)
Nurse; Heines, Illinois.

Gertrude Heinze (Mehler)

Matilda Hostetter (Livingston)
Teacher; Moxan, Pa.

Esther Kiss (Sage)
Teacher; Cleveland, Ohio.

Frederick Livingood*
Doctor of Education, Washington College; Chestertown, Md.

Emmett McHugh
Roller; Hamilton, Ont.,Canada

Carl Summerville
Doctor; Burbank, Florida

Lena Weiner (Greenstone)
Married; Farrell, Pa.

*Dr. Livingood is the only Farrell High School graduate who has had the honor of being named in “Who's Who”

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